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Your business runs on accurate routing and mileage data. Shouldn’t you use the industry standard in both? 

PC*Miler ensures your rates, routes, miles, and drive times are based on the most up-to-date commercial maps, taking into account new roads and updated commercial restrictions and allowances.


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  • The latest highway and street-level maps of the U.S. and Canada
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  • Hours of Service planning tools
  • Radar and Weather alerts
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Efficient, compliant transportation operations -
because every mile and driver matters.


Updated maps for safe, efficient routes

Generate the best routes on the latest commercial maps that include road and toll cost changes, weight limits, vertical clearances, truck through-travel restrictions, and over 200,000 commercial locations.


Routing enhancements for improved efficiency

We’ve enhanced our routing algorithm to handle turns at complex intersections, account for road speeds and route directly to sites.


Automated updates to driver's HOS for improved route planning and ETAs

The clocks for driver duty hours and driving hours are now automatically updated after you run a route and insert driver breaks to help you see the impact on a driver's hours of service when you add or move stops.

More accurate rates and miles for your business.

Generate routes to millions of pre-defined, verified commercial locations with Places. 

Carriers need a competitive edge -- particularly in the last mile. PC*Miler offers precise truck entry and exit gate data at millions of commercial Places to help:

Ensure accurate rating to the exact location

Improve ETAs and drive time calculations

Generate precise mileage calculations for billing and driver pay

Send drivers detailed, turn-by-turn directions to the truck entry gate of a facility

Users can access Places data through ContentTools, which is accessible via the PC*Miler ribbon bar. Users can also create their own set of Places for their specific business needs.


Our dedicated team of GIS engineers validate all location data using the latest imagery technology and data sources.


Additional Features to Enhance Your PC*Miler Experience



Seamlessly bring PC*Miler route, mileage, location and cost data directly into your spreadsheet projects. Quickly and easily summarize price quotes, driver pay, lane analysis, and more with the touch of a button.



Get the most precise mileage and most realistic drive times—right down to the last mile—with highly detailed local street data for improved rating, billing, and driver pay tracking.



Calculate the true cost of a lane with toll fees itemized and tallied for each route, based on a vehicle’s characteristics and timing of the tolls along a route.



Get current and predictive traffic data to help avoid potential delays for more efficient route planning, better asset utilization, and improved customer satisfaction.



Keep your drivers and loads safe when their routes travel through dangerous conditions with a real-time view of current and projected weather alert areas right on your maps.


Companion Products

Achieve operational consistency with other solutions powered by PC*Miler.

Bid Analysis Tools

Expedite bid preparation and response times, accurately model, price, and analyze bids, or audit current transportation costs.


Driver Trip Planning App

An Hours of Service trip planning app that helps drivers know when, and where, to stop by viewing available amenities and verified parking, where available.

MileOn by PC*Miler

Commerical Navigation

Safe, reliable truck-specific, in cab navigation app that uses PC*MILER’s routing algorithms and map data. Available through telematics providers or as a standalone app.

CoPilot Truck

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