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Your business runs on miles. With new roads being added and restrictions and allowances changing regularly, operating on the most up-to-date commercial maps is crucial.

When you’re on the latest version of PC*MILER, you can feel confident that your map data and routing algorithms will take into account the most optimal way to get from point A to point B. Did we mention your rates and drive times are more accurate? BONUS.

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  • The latest highway and street-level maps of the U.S. and Canada
  • Toll costs for cash and discount programs
  • Hours of Service planning tools
  • Radar and Weather alerts
  • And more!

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Maximize time, control costs, and utilize assets.


Updated maps for safe, efficient routes

Generate the best routes on the latest commercial maps that include road and toll cost changes, weight limits, vertical clearances, truck through-travel restrictions, and over 85,000 commercial locations.

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Improved routing enhancements

We’ve enhanced our routing algorithm to handle turns at complex intersections, account for road speeds and route directly to sites. Additionally, favorite or delete routing profiles.

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Stop duration times for improved asset utilization

Enter estimated stop times at stops along the route to better understand trip length and improve future load planning and ETAs.


Plan with precision: make our Places personal to your business.

Get your drivers to the right gate at over 85,000 commercial locations. 

With ContentTools through PC*MILER, you can customize our over 85,000 verified and predefined Places data specific to your business needs, like:

Operating hours for each day of the week

Custom Entry/Exit Paths to Gates

Custom Gate and Driver Notes

*Our dedicated team of GIS engineers validate all location data using the latest imagery technology and data sources.





Access formulas and data within Microsoft Excel for fast calculations and customizable analysis.

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  • Quickly generate mileage and drive times between cities, addresses, or zip codes
  • Summarize and analyze your data, including price quotes, driver pay, lane analysis, and freight bill auditing
  • Easily populate a mileage database without additional software programming effort

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*Requires a base installation of PC*MILER


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Trusted by carriers, supported by shippers, and depended on by drivers for over 40 years.

Precise mileage, accurate drive times, and cost calculations for rating and driver pay.

Verify, negotiate and audit carrier bids and transportation costs.

Safe and efficient routes using a commercial vehicle road network based on vehicle dimensions, road classifications, and load type.

Which PC*MILER is right for you?

Whether you’re a fleet manager, owner operator, professional driver, or solution provider, we’ve got a PC*MILER solution for your business.

Network Desktop Install

Robust back office software for mileage, routing, accounting, and operations.

Ideal for larger fleets who require local or network installation

Basic Web-Based Version

Routing and reporting starting as low as $84.99/month per user.

Ideal for small fleets, owner/operators, and brokers

Integration APIs

Integrate features and data within third party applications.

Ideal for solution providers for fleets with custom desktop or web-based solutions

Through a TMS or ERP

We partner with the leading system providers to get PC*MILER features and data to customers.

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Companion Products

Achieve operational consistency with other solutions powered by PC*MILER.

Bid Analysis Tools

Expedite bid preparation and response times, accurately model, price, and analyze bids, or audit current transportation costs.


Driver Trip Planning App

An Hours of Service trip planning app that helps drivers know when, and where, to stop by viewing available amenities and verified parking, where available.

MileOn by PC*MILER

Commerical Navigation

Safe, reliable truck-specific, in cab navigation app that uses PC*MILER’s routing algorithms and map data. Available through telematics providers or as a standalone app.

CoPilot Truck

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